Benswic Cares is more than just a self-care kit company. Here at BC, we want to create a community of members that encourage and support each other on their personal self-care journeys. We understand that self-care looks different for everyone and that is why we focus on a more internalized look at everything. Eventually, we will have more personalized options to better suit our consumer’s journey. We recognized a gap in the self-care industry and felt that with our expertise it was important to address self-care from a wholistic and personalized approach. Our goal is to work with other women-owned and black-owned businesses to be able to offer more to our customers. Benswic Cares to make the world a better place by helping people fill up their own cups so they can pour into others. 

Meet Bryana

Founder of Benswic Cares

Founder Benswic Cares Bryana Marshall

Being a young adult during quarantine was extremely challenging because, at a time when we were supposed to be finding ourselves and learning who we are, we were also experiencing a majorly historic event. For me, it was hard to stay focused on my goals and aspirations because I didn’t know know how long the pandemic would last. Thankfully because of the support system that I had, I was able to stick to a daily schedule that kept me sane and productive as much as possible each day. With this experience, I realized that not everyone had that support and I wanted to provide that to others because without self-love physically and mentally, it is very easy to lose sight of your purpose. And with my unique talents and experiences such as having a passion for creating and organizing things, being a part of a family-owned business, and having a personal training certification, I was able to create Benswic Cares.